To complement a depth of experience in Payment Technologies and Data Security, Clearkey delivers rigorous and clear-headed analysis to clients, leveraging an extensive array of pre-defined models and tools. The following examples from our toolkit lay the foundation that enables us to bring cost-effective solutions and lasting value to our clients.
Payment Technology Cost Estimators
Buy versus build analysis
Product development and rollout
Processing options - in source versus outsource
Transaction cost analysis
Solution Benchmarking
Side-by-side comparisons
Processing options analysis
Commercial products expertise
Extensive knowledge of retail and online electronics payments processing methods
Transaction Volume Throughput Assessments
Transaction Per Second (TPS) analyses for capacity planning
Broad knowledge about different payment technologies: switches, back office solutions, network/telecom
Infrastructure Modeling and Mapping
Global payment system infrastructure
New and existing infrastructures
Future state migration planning
Evaluation and analysis of real/hypothetical infrastructures
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